Gas Geyser Installation Service in Krugersdorp & Gauteng

Running out of hot water? 

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With a gas geyser system, you can enjoy all the hot water you want while saving money!

Whether you’re ready to replace your old electrical geyser with a new gas model or it’s time for a new geyser, Modtro Plumbing & Electrical has all of your needs covered!

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Why Choose a Gas Geyser?

  • Gas geyser systems heat water on demand.
  • As soon as the unit senses the flow of water, it instantly starts heating the water flowing through it.
  • When the demand for hot water ceases, the gas geyser shuts down the gas.
  • This is a huge advantage over electric geysers that inefficiently heat and reheat water continuously whether you’re using it or not.
  • With a gas geyser system, you can enjoy up to 40% in energy savings!

Gas Geyser Installation in Krugersdorp, Gauteng

Professional installation service is one of the best ways to ensure your new gas geyser works efficiently and correctly from the get-go.

When you’re ready to install a new gas geyser in your Krugersdorp home, you can turn to an expert plumber at Modtro Plumbing.

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