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Hot Water FAQs

This depends on whether you have a gas or an electric geyser.

For electric geysers, the first thing to check is the breaker on your DB board.
Do you have any timer devices that switch your geyser on & off? If so try to select bypass on the timer devise to see if the geyser heats up again.
If this doesn’t work a component of the water heater may have failed.

For gas geysers, the culprit is usually no gas. 
If it’s not the gas, it’ll be time to call the professionals.

A normal geyser usually should fully heat up after about 45 minutes.

A gas geyser will typically supply almost instant hot water.

You notice a constant flow of water from the geyser outlet pipes, you may have a leak.

There can be several causes for a leak.

If the water is coming from the thin geyser outlet pipe, there is a good chance the pressure relief valve needs replacement.

If water is coming from the big white outlet pipe, you may have a burst geyser and may need a replacement.

Always contact a professional in order to safely shut off a faulty geyser.

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People often think that the higher the water pressure, the better.

However, the limit for a geyser is normally 4bar. Any higher than that can cause strain on your geyser, plumbing fixtures and certain appliances that use water like dishwashers or washing machines can easily be damaged.

Servicing a geyser requires a certain level of familiarity and expertise. Here are some things to look out that may warrant a call to your local plumber & geyser professional:

  • Leaks from geyser or surrounding plumbing
  • Dirty, rusty, or cloudy water
  • Potent odors from water
  • Loss of hot water capacity or lengthy recovery times
  • Loud noises coming from your geyser

If any of these are sounding a little too familiar, it is time to call the professionals!

Servicing your geyser regularly from the get go can save you unnecessary hassles & costs.

You can keep your geyser in tip top condition by having it serviced after one year & then every 2 years.

What exactly is included with a geyser service?

  • Year 1 – Replace the anode & clean the geyser inside by flushing it.
  • Year 3 – Replace anode, element & clean the geyser inside by flushing it.
  • Year 5 – Replace anode, vacuum breaks, valves & clean the geyser inside by flushing it.
  • Year 7 – Replace anode, element & clean the geyser inside by flushing it.

Thermostats only need replacement as they malfunction and break.


Why should geysers be serviced?

The anode is a sacrificial rod that sits in the geyser, broken down by the water.
The water attacks this first before the actual body of the geyser.
Once the anode is broken down, a sediment is left in the geyser.
This sediment creates rust, blocks valves and makes the water go brown.

The element, which heats the water is next in line to be coroded as there’s no more anode.
As the element deteriorates it will cause the power to trip.